Submit Full Length papers/manuscripts/Extended Abstract for upcoming conferences at Goa from January 19-21, 2018 through E-mail at or Submit Online. Final deadline for Abstract/Paper Submission is 15 December, 2017.

Conference Tracks

Full Length Papers/Extended Abstracts are invited for the International Academic Conference on Commerce, Management, Hospitality and Tourism (IACCMHT-2018) within the scope of the conference. All contributions must be original and should not have been published or submitted elsewhere.
Extended Abstracts around 500 words: The submissions must give a clear indication of the objectives, scope, and results (if available) of the research. No figures or tables are allowed
Full Length Papers limited to 6 pages: The submissions are more descriptive of the work that has been done which includes an Abstract, an introduction, a results/discussion section including Tables/images/graphs and a reference section.
The conference discussion may include the following and the related areas but not limited to:

Commerce and Management: Accounting, Accounting & Taxation, Advertising Management, Auditing, Banking, Benchmarking, Business & Ethics, Business / Company Law, Business Analytics, Business Continuity, Business Education, Business Ethics, Business Ethics, CSR and Sustainability, Business Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Business Intelligence & Ethics, Business Intelligence from Web data, Business Law, Business Models for Emerging Markets, Business Performance Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Business Statistics, Business Teaching Methods, Business Technology, Business-to-business e-commerce, Business-to-consumer e-commerce, Change Management, Commerce & Trade, Communications Management,Computer Information Systems, Consumer & Buyer Behavior, Corporate Finance & Governance, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Sustainability, Cost Management, Crisis Management, Cross cultural Management, Culture and Change, Dark Side of Organisations, Decision Sciences, Demonetization and Digitalization, Digital Business, Diversity in Organizations M&A and Strategic Alliance,Diversity Management, e-Business and e-Commerce Management, E-Commerce, E-Commerce & E-Marketing & E-Business, Economics, Economics of the Internet and information goods, E-government, policy and law, Emerging Market Institutions and New Venture Creation, Emerging Market Multinationals, Emerging Markets, Emerging Role of Women in Business, Energy Policy, Engineering, Enterprise Resource Planning, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Management, Finance, Global Business, Green Technologies, Healthcare Management, Hotel Management, Human Resource Management, Human Resources, Human Resources Management, Indian Family Business and Business Groups, Information Systems,Information Technology and Organisations, Information Technology Management,Innovation Clusters & Technology Transfer, Innovation in Indian Constitutional Context, Insurance, Integrative Thinking, Intellectual property and digital rights management, Intellectual Property Rights, International Business, International Energy Development & Usage, International Finance & Trade, International Management Practices, International Strategic Alliances, Knowledge Acquisition, Transfer Processes & Reuse in Organizations, Knowledge Life Cycles in Organizations, Knowledge Management, Strategy, Systems and Governance, Leadership, Leadership and Institutions, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Management, Management Information Systems, Management Science and Statistics, Management Sciences, Managing Knowledge Networks, Market Structure & Pricing, Marketing, Mobile and pervasive commerce, Multiagent systems and electronic markets, New Product Development in Emerging Markets, NGO Management, Operations Management, Organization Development, Organizational Innovation, Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management, Peer-to-peer; grid; and other open distributed systems, People-Process and Performance, Prediction/information markets, Privacy- security and trust, Process Innovation, Production & Organizations, Reputation and recommendation systems, Retailing and Logistics, Risk Management, Role of SMEs in national economies, Rural Management, Scale Capacity and Capability Building in Indian MSME’s, Search and information retrieval for e-commerce, Semantic Web ontologies-rules and services, Service Science, Social networks and viral marketing, Spirituality in Organizations, Strategic Management, Strategies at the Bottom of the Pyramid, Stress and Happiness, Leadership in Public service organizations, Supply Chain Management, Talent and Career Management, Taxes, Technology Management, Total Quality Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Transformational Leadership.

Hospitality and Tourism: Added-value creations for tourism, Adventure tourism, Advertising, Agri-tourism, Airlines and airports, Assessment of leisure/hospitality marketing efforts, Backpacker tourism, Career development, Commercialization and sport, Community based tourism, Conflict with Conservation, Convention and event education, Crisis management, Cruise industry, Cruise tourism, Culinary tourism, Cultural tourism, Current trends / issues of Tourism, Customer satisfaction, Dark tourism, Dealing with bad publicity, Dealing with OTAs and on-line reservation systems, Decision-making processes, Destination branding through the internet, Eco-Tourism, Emerging technologies and e-tourism, Empowerment to improve team spirit and motivation, Enhancing the quality of life of communities through tourism, Entertainment, Environmental Implications, Ethics and sport, Female employees in tourism, Festivals, Gambling tourism, Green events, Green marketing, Green tourism, Guest security and safety, Heritage tourism,History of modern sport, Hospitality education, Hospitality management, Hospitality sales, Hotel & food service quality engineering, Hotel and resort development, Hotel and resort project planning, Hotel and restaurant management, Hotel operators, franchisers and management corporations, Hotel systems and procedures through franchising and management contracts, Human resource management, Impact of terrorism on tourism, Improving language skills of hospitality employees to enhance customer service, Improving service quality through effective recruitment and training strategies, Information communication technologies, Infusing local culture and spirituality in tourism offerings, Innovations in leisure/hospitality marketing, Leisure recreation and sports, Leisure/hospitality marketing promotional programs, Leisure/hospitality product development, Leisure/hospitality product management, Making career opportunities in the hospitality industry attractive, Management development, Managing social media, Managing tourist destination networks through public relations, Market segmentation, Marketing planning, Mass tourism development, Measuring customer satisfaction in the context of on-line reviews,Measuring hotel and restaurant profitability, Medical tourism, Meeting/incentives/convention/exhibition, Menu engineering, MICE industry, MICE marketing and management, Movie and drama tourism, New destination planning, Ontology of sport, Operations management, Perception of Faunal Exhibitors, Quality assurance in food & beverage operations, Quality assurance in hotel rooms division operations, Research in leisure/hospitality marketing, Resort operations, Revenue management, Sales promotions, Secondary accommodation project planning, Service quality management in hotel and restaurant, Shopping tourism, Sociology of food studies and food security, Special event planning, Special events, Special interest tourism, Special interest tourism development, Sport and celebrities, Sport and communities, Sport and place, Sport and popular culture, Sport and social identity, Sport for development, Sport tourism, Sports fandom, Sports management, Sports marketing, Strategies to increase repeat tourist arrivals,Sustainable tourism triple bottom-lines – economic-environmental and social, The politics of sport, Thematic architecture for tourism destinations, Theme park tourism, Tour operations and travel agencies, Tourism and the environment, Tourism data collection, Tourism economic and forecasting, Tourism e-marketing,Tourism forecasting, Tourism marketing, Tourism Marketing research, Tourism master plans, Tourism planning & development, Tourism policy, Tourism sustainability, Tourist / consumer behavior, Tourist guiding and tourist shops, Travel and tourism, Travel services, Trends in MICE, Visitation issues and Solutions, Visitor attraction development, Wine tourism, Working holiday tourism, Yield management, Youth in tourism.

Please note that a .docx template is available to guide the authors in formatting their papers. All papers (including extended abstracts) must comply with the template available on the website